It is what you make it

wpid-20151101_112901.jpgAs I sit here picking sealant out of drilled holes on the motorhome (that I juuuust put in there) I’m in need of inspiration to stay positive and thought you too might need a pick me up. We purchased our new “home” 6 month’s ago from a local couple who had listed it in the classifieds. We we’re ecstatic about our lucky find! It was PERFECT, 25′ with a slide and room for the dog kennel. We got it home (B’s parent’s house) and while checking it out noticed it had protruding bulges in the fiberglass on the back end of the driver’s side. Oh no! How did we miss that!? We had looked at it multiple time’s before making the big purchase and never noticed it. What did we do? We went to the internet (baaad idea) in devastation we read over and over about “delamination” and how you should “run away” if you look at an RV for sale that shows any signs of this devastating RV “disease”. We read how it could cost thousands of dollars to repair. After many day’s of dwelling on our problem we decided to get a quote. A little ma and pa shop quoted us $1800 to fix it and even made us feel a bit better about our purchase by complimenting on how nice our rig was inside. We decided to take to the internet again to research other way’s of fixing delamination ourselves and came across a company that makes a delamination repair kit for $200! We purchased the kit and got working. Bubble be gone! Our rig is now mostly (we were amateurs and didn’t quite get enough pressure on the area) bubble free, although we are still working on beautifying the beast where we had drilled holes to inject epoxy. Devastation turned into a concurring a scary and seemingly HUGE problem type of feeling. Why hadn’t we just trusted that we could fix it ourselves to begin with? Because we looked up what other people had made of it and it scared us. Surely those people of the internet knew alot more than two mid twenty year olds who hadn’t the slightest clue on anything RV. So the moral of the story is trust YOURSELF,  you DO know even if you are doubtful of that. We are all so technologically involved now day’s that I think we foget about how we did thing’s before we could look up video’s and opinions of millions of other people (alot of whom may know as much or less than you). Alot of thing’s are intimidating in life but having been through alot in my life I promise that you will conquer fears and intimidation if you only believe in yourself and your abilities. So get out there today, let nothing get in your way and believe it enough that it becomes reality.


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