RV Delamination Repair

I wanted to share how we improved our rig’s delamination by using a kit we purchased from www.delamrepair.com. The instructions suggested to open a seam and use a wedge (provided in the kit) to separate the pieces in order to inject the epoxy in between. B had previously sealed up the roof with Eternabond tape. The day we noticed the huge bubble we also had a really bad rain storm, so he applied Eternabond as an emergency seal. So instead of taking the Enternabond off and replacing it after, we drilled holes in the side to inject the epoxy. We got everything in place before we mixed up the epoxy.



We used plywood and insulation foam along with 2X4’s cut to be the exact size to fit between the MH and the house. After getting everything lined up we mixed up the epoxy, injected it and used the 2X4’s to put pressure on our plywood peices with the foam touching the MH fiberglass. It was quite difficult with just B and I so we asked my brother for help while getting everything in place. After letting the epoxy do it’s job for 72 hour’s (I believe the instructions called for 48 hour’s) we took the pressure contraption down. It revealed a much less noticeable bubble. We filled in the drilled holes with RV sealant and realized that probably wasn’t the best idea so we picked it back out and used Bondo Glass instead. It is a dark grayish green so you will need to sand it down and paint over it to beatufy it.
Here is what our delam looked like:



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