A short year

Our “little” house that we loved

Well it’s been a year since we decided to take the plunge and be different. We sold everything and packed up our home of 6 year’s and our 3 dog’s Nova (10), Vega (7) and Diesel (6) and moved in with B’s parent’s. Spending 6 year’s as a warehouse worker and never seeing my car salesman husband I wanted so much more. Surely life isn’t meant to be spent working your year’s away, never spending real time with your spouse just so that you can buy new nice thing’s. Although I had married the man of my dreams, money seemed to come before time. It wasn’t intentional but that is how it happened, just one more car deal, just one more day of overtime. NO! I couldn’t take it any longer, I HAD to see him! We started looking into “tiny homes” and “kit homes” and I spent my every unoccupied moment’s scouring realtor.com looking for the perfect place. I looked for land and fixer home’s in Montana, Oregon, South Carolina, California, ANYWHERE! It became an addiction, I saw it as a way to change how thing’s had ended up, a way to see that man I loved so much.

We seemed to do everything without each other because we were never together. The dog’s and I started attending Saturday social’s religiously at our favorite dog training facility, K9 Lifeline. We also became member’s of an amazing group called the SLC StruttAbull’s, attending walks with them every other Sunday.

I don’t recall how it came about but we ended up looking into RV’s and read about people who were “full-timer’s” traveling the USA. I abandon my realtor.com app and we started searching the local classifieds for an RV. Spending 6 month’s with B’s parent’s had been an awesome 6 month’s, they are amazing and kind people. Seriously, not many people would willingly take on a young couple and their THREE dog’s for 6 month’s. We love them dearly and appreciate all they do for us! Our time with them was coming to a close and we found the perfect RV in the local classifieds.

Our littler little house

We had lost our kiddo Diesel in March due to a brain tumor. That was one of the toughest night’s of our live’s, again instilling the “life is unpredictable, do what your heart tells you” attitude. His picture and collar shadow box will always be hung in the RV where we can be reminded of his sweet innocence and strong will daily.


Our new calling was with my mom. She was diagnosed in Dec. with stage 4 kidney cancer (she is doing well). We packed up again and moved into our newly purchased home on wheels and parked in mom’s driveway hoping to be able to help out where needed. Spending time with mom has been awesome. She has always been the strongest person I’ve ever known and she continues to be. B and I (and the dog’s) are forever grateful for everything she has done and continues to do and love her dearly. (Update: mom’s cancer is in remission!!!)

Snow is coming and it’s been getting pretty dang cold at night in our little box. Our time here too is coming to a close. It is extremely hard to realize this life style means being away from everyone we love but we are also very excited to share with them the places we’ll go.

So yes it’s been a year that feels like 6 month’s! We’re both nervous but excited to see where this new adventure will take us. I’ll end this oober long post with my favorite quote “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”.


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