We made it to this beautifully barren area 9 day’s ago (yes I’ve been counting). We chose to set up camp in La Posa South, which is where the dumpsters, sewer dump and fresh water fill up reside. That just painted a lovely picture in your head didn’t it.. we parked waaaay out near the little sign that marks a “day use only” area. People seem more spread out out here as opposed to near the entrance. While solitude is quite nice it does get lonesome out here so we are contemplating being brave and joining people.


There are towering Saguaro’s everywhere! The scenery is really something else and it seems there is a breathtaking sunset every night! Every time we think “oh this would be a gorgeous picture” and now we have countless pictures of the same catcus/different sunset. Ha!



It has been really convenient having all of this space. The dog’s have been getting in a shloo of sunbathing (don’t worry, I made sure they wore sunscreen). Brad and I even took advantage of the space to practice our dance moves in the light of the camp fire (we need waaay more practice).

Nova loves her chair

There are a bunch of thing’s to keep you busy out here if you’re the busy type, or you can sit in the sun all day if you choose. Flea markets are in abundance here. They are literally around every corner. The biggest one is the “Sell A Rama”, people pull their rigs up throw out a table and set up shop. You can find a wide range of item’s at this one, everything from kitchen utensils to rugs to homemade quilts or tie died shirts. We’ve been back two day’s and have yet to make it through the entire thing. Oh and the best part? You can take your furkids!! Our pup’s seemed to enjoy all of the exercise and loads of attention.

Flea market hoppin


Solar light’s and kites/flags really help when trying to relocate your rig after an outing at the markets. We’ve noticed some people even mark a roadway to their space with a solar light at the entrance.

Grain free dog treat's

I got an itching to bake up some treat’s for the pup’s and got to try the oven (it works!). The dog’s absolutely loved this tweaked recipe (I will find it and share).

See! Gorgeous right?

So far this place has left an impression on us. We’ve never seen so many beautiful sunsets or heard as many howling coyotes as we have in these short 9 day’s. Thanks for reading our blog! Be sure to follow our adventures @ Living With Bullies on Facebook as well ♡


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