Camp fire thoughts


As I sit here listening to the crackle of the fire and the sounds of husband playing guitar I can’t help but miss my family. Oh how they would love this and how much I’d love to see them. We’ve only been away for… what.. 3 month’s? It feels much longer. I wonder if other full timers get home sick this quick..
I miss working on car project’s with my lil brother, going to the thrift store with my sister and niece, riding Trax with mom, Big Lots shopping sprees with my aunt, sitting around a fire with my dad, watching Reba with B’s mom, I miss family get togethers with B’s siblings, and so much more!

Hmm appropriate, helping my bro (or handing him tools)

Every once in a while while in the RV I get a wiff of “motorhome smell” I don’t know what it is, maybe hot carpet from the sun? It smells exactly like my grandparents rig. They have an ’84 Jamboree that has many a dear memories attached to it. They would take us on adventures when we were kids, to the Manti pageant and we would visit them in Yuma during the winter. I remember walking through the Rock and Gem show in Quartzsite as a kid being overwhelmed by how many neat thing’s there were to buy. I love rocks!


It feels strange being here as an adult, with my husband, two pup’s and.. our house! My grandparents are the believer type. When we told them we were hitting the road grandpa started telling me stories of people he knew that made a living off of flea market sales. He started collecting his “trailer life” and other magazines that talked of places to visit. Each time I went to their house to sit with grandma to keep her company (she has Alzheimer’s) while grandpa went to keep mom company in the hospital,  he would have a stack of said collected magazines on the table for me to read.

One of the many puzzles gma and I accomplished

I wish I could go over there to put a puzzle together with grandma and talk motorhome talk with grandpa tomorrow. Why is it that when you have the ability to see someone everyday, you don’t; and when you can’t, you want to? I might be biased but I’m pretty sure I have the best family (B’s family included). Anyway’s I hope that if you’re reading this and are feeling home sick too, know that I’m right there with ya. It’ll be alright, we will see them soon. Until then make sure they know you’re thinking about them.

Mom decorated the table for my birthday ♡

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