Check Your Sewer Valve!!! (Reader discretion advised)

Something pretty to look at while you read a gruesome tale

Well since we’ve written last, we’ve called all members of our family and feel rejuvenated to continue without moping about. Talked to grandpa and tried to bring him through the phone to his favorite place on earth (well that’s actually Yuma). Oh it was good to hear their voices!
We’ve officially signed up for Thousand Trail’s (zone passes were buy one get one). Hoping to camp for cheap ($3 a night) in parks and boon dock in between. If you’re pondering getting a TT membership, we talked to Lucy (1-877-350-7616). Through some extensive research and help from my aunt we found that TT park’s have no breed restriction’s if you’re traveling with Pit Bull’s, Rotties, Chow’s and so fourth.
This journey brings many event’s planned and unexpected. So as I come to explaining the title of this blog, prepare yourself! We “emptied” in Parker, AZ and since being in Quartzsite have been very conservative with our water (2 minute showers, trickle tap to wash our hands).
We watched our neighbors venture over to the 2 hour wait time dump line (sometime’s twice a week!) and it made us smirk abit. Ah yes we were still going strong. Yesterday we thought it was probably time to stop gloating and empty the dang tanks already. We headed over to the dump at dusk. Surely no one would be there this late in the day. We were right, and pulled on in. Brad knelt down and gave the good ol trusty sewer cap a twist. Upon removal of the cap out jetted a 2 foot blast with the force of Old Faithful! I was yelling at him to “close the valve!” “Put the cap back on!” But it was too late, the force was unstoppable. All we could do is watch in utter dismay as the contents of our holding tank spewed onto the concrete all around our rig. It was a horrific seen from the most gruesome movie you’ve ever watched. Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, the tank had emptied and we then spent the next hour and a half hosing down the sewer bay of the horrendous mess. We came to the conclusion that when we had emptied in Parker we may or may not have (okay we DID) left the sewer valve open after it had emptied. This whole time while snickering at our neighbors, we had a disaster on our hands and we didn’t even realize it! So folks, close your sewer valve! The next time anyone asks what our advise for them is, it will be this. Oh and as a last piece of advice, always stand to the side of your sewer cap. Thanks for reading about this embarrassing atrosity. May your day be less shitty than our’s. Happy dumping!


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