Montana Dreaming

Well we successfully spent the summer in Glacier National Park! While in Quartzsite we applied for a bunch of seasonal, national park jobs and landed our first actual jobs since becoming roadies, in Glacier! We left October 1st and had plans to head towards Washington and then down the coast through Oregon, Cali and back to desolate Quartzsite for another comfortable winter.. more on that later


Let’s see, where did I leave off? Gah it’s been such a while since I’ve written.. Okay so after our warm but lonely Quartzsite winter, we drove to Descanso california to our first ever stay at a Thousand Trails park. It was called Oakzanita Springs and being the unprofessional planners that we are, we ended up arriving around 10pm and were surprised that there was a ranger at the gate to check us in. I was picturing having to pull the RV at the entrance and waiting until morning when the “gate keeper” came to work. Can you tell I am an amatuer? ha!

We picked out a spot, which wasn’t easy in the balckness of night! It was a beautiful spot (from what we could see) but it was on a very steep hill. Brad attempted the intimidating incline (meanwhile the RV sounded like it was going to break in half!) A man came over and took over my guiding job and eventually suggested that we try a different, easier to get into, spot. After getting situated we took the dogs on a late night stroll to check the place out. There was a really nice clubhouse with a TV and free WIFI (that didn’t reach our RV site). A small pond at the entrance of the park was home to hundreds of frogs that croaked all night long, it was pretty awesome. When the sun came up we found a nice pool/hot tub, a fenced in dog exersize area, a few horse stalls and a hiking trail within the park. We stayed for 11 days, making numerous trips to San Diego (a 45 min. drive) and were sad to leave.

From California we headed to our homestate to have a much needed visit with family and did some preparing to spend the next 4 months in Bear country with miles of Hiking trails ahead of us. We bought bear spray (yes it’s necessary), vamped up our hiking gear, and searched Youtube for “bears in Glacier National Park”. It was an attempt to see what we were in for…and let’s just say the vidoes were much more intimidating than reality.

We accepted housekeeping jobs in Apgar Village and the West Glacier Motel, which was within walking distance from our RV (I was able to walk home everyday and have lunch with the dogs). There are so many job options when applying at places like this, everything from a Jammer driver (a big red tour bus), cooks, bar tender, wait staff, gift shop, coffee shop, housekeeping and a bunch more. With both of us being in housekeeping, we were off work by 4pm everyday and in the summer it stayed light until 11pm!

Brad developed a love for fishing after he caught the biggest fish we’ve ever seen on the end of a pole our first fishing trip at Lake Mcdonald. He then fished Avalanche Lake, Kintla, Hidden Lake, Swift Current, Bowman and many many more times at Lake Mcdonald. Remember that meteor shower this last summer? We drove towards polebridge in an attempt to get away from any lights to watch it. After getting a reasonable distance away from any lightsource we laid on the hood of the jeep in the PITCH BLACK! It was so terrifying, all we could think about was what was watching us while we were staring at the sky!

Wildlife was literally everywhere! In our 4 months we saw 2 grizzlies, a black bear mom and cubs, 2 more black bear, tons of beavers and deer, a black wolf (didn’t even know they existed!) a huge gray wolf, an elk, 15ish mountain goats, and a handful of big horned sheep. Not only was there amazing scenery and an abundance of wildlife but we met some incredible people from all over the world! My mom was able to come up and stay 10 days with us which was by far thee best part of the 4 months in Glacier. We had so much fun and ate some damn good huckleberry pie! I couldn’t wait to show my mom what is was like to live in a 25 ft RV with two dogs! I knew she’d love it as much as us!

So back to the begining of this post, I was rambling about our next stop after Glacier was going to be a Thousand Trails park in Chahlis Washington and then down the coast to Quartszite. Well that didn’t quite happen. Days before “take off” we had been discussing  what the best thing to do would be. Should we continue on, with no job lined up, and just coast until next summer and do the National Park thing again? Should we go home back to “known” things of home such as family and Brad’s old job? Also my mom found out in September that she had to start up radiation treatments again and I really wanted to be there with her. We drove away from Glacier that morning heading to Washington and ended up parking in a Costco parking lot for 2 hours (we like to make double sure of things) discussing our next move. We decided that all of the arrows pointed home, so home we went! It’s easy to get frustrated when things seem to go left instead of right but i’ve learned that sometimes the end result is something you hadn’t even imagined and it’s better than what you had painted in your mind. Have you witnessed that in your life too? It’s been tough getting used to “the american dream” type of life for the time being but I know that things always have a way of working out if you never give up and never loose sight of the main goal. We’re hoping to see many more places eventually once everything seems “right”. Tahoe has been on our minds since Montana so we’ll see..

Damn good pie at Luna’s Cafe in East Glacier




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