It’s Okay To Be Happy Where You Are


Each morning when your eyes open to a new day, you have the ability to mentally create a life you love and are happy in! I believe “happy” has different meanings to different folks but we all know the feeling. No matter your goals in life, where you are right now is where you’re ment to be. Picture you’re on a very long ladder and you’re dream is alllll the way at the top. You must climb the entire ladder and spend some time on each rung to reach it. Sure instant gratification is nice but think about it in the aspect of time. Whether you decide to enjoy your life right now or you decide to day dream it away, time will pass either way and you’ll never get today back. You may not want to be where you are now but it is possible to be happy in a place or a situation you’d rather not be in (except situations that harm you).

We’ve been back home since October and I’ve been finding it difficult to find happiness in daily life. Lately I’ve been in a constant state of “day dream” and it overtakes my current life and I’m mentally on a lake shore breathing in fresh piney air while the dog’s run free and Brad fishes to his hearts content. Sure it’s magical there in my day dream, but while someday that will be a reality if I so choose, I’m missing out on things that are happening now. This is a great time in life and I’ve been failing to realize it and just be happy to be living it. Parking the RV and coming back to a “cookie cutter” life I’ve been afraid of getting stuck in was a heartbreaking experience for me. The drastic change of life style the RV represented was a way to prove that yes, indeed everything is possible! We may not have changed the world by doing seemingly impossible things to us, such as move into an RV, but our lives have changed because of our experiences thus far. I’m also starting to realize it wasn’t the RV that made our life exciting and inspiring, it was our ambition for experiencing more and you know What? We still have that, and you do too!

I’m realizing that I’ve conditioned my mind to associate Utah as a place where mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Where I rarely see my husband. It’s the place where we lost our house when I was a kid, forcing us to live in a motel. It’s where we had to give up our dog, Andy, who was my childhood best friend. It’s where I dropped out of school. Where I was emotionally lost and convinced myself that nobody really loved me on daily basis. At the time, I didn’t see any positive in anything that was happening and I rarely took time to be happy where I was. Now I’m realizing, had we not gone through all we did, we wouldn’t have learned and grown as much as we did. I love Utah for the fact that this is where I became me! Really It would have been unfortunate to have had a “normal” life up until this point (what is normal anyways?) All of my life experiences have taught me how to be compassionate for others who are going through hardships. I was fortunate enough to witness how to handle such situations with a positive outlook for the future. To know that if you give up something during a hard time, there will always be a second chance to make things right. It also gave me my astronomical sense of ambition to do “impossible” things. I got to see first hand that anything was possible!

In choosing our name for the blog I really liked the idea of the word “bullies”. It refrences something I live for, those big durpy dogs have my heart, and also my other passion of conjuring up motivational speeches (usually to myself). Sometimes we can be our biggest bullies in life. What if you saw yourself as your best friend sees you instead of the red headed, freckled face, step child that you see yourself as? How different would your life be? Would you be more successful because you believed in yourself? Would you be happy? I think we bully ourselves into believing we are never good enough, which leads to constant day dreams of something bigger and better than this. Or we compare ourselves to our peers and put ourselves down for not being as “successful” as them yet. Just as I said earlier that “happy” means different things for different people, the same can be said for “success”. Not allowing ourselves to be happy where we are is like trying to teach a dog a trick but no matter how well he does, you never reward him. That’s exhausting! Give him praise and he’ll be eager to be even better. We deserve praise don’t you think?

I wish I could go back and tell teenager me that it was okay to be happy with life as it was. With the right attitude, things will always ALWAYS get better, that is just life. So if you’re going through a struggle of finding happiness like I am, try and imagine what your future self might say they were greatful for in this time right now. Also try and see things differently. If everything has a hidden positive, what might be the positive in this situation we are currently in? And lastly, it always helps me to remember that no matter the circumstance, every life experience teaches us something. Just think of how much we’ll have learned by the end of each trial in life. Someday we will be looking back on this time right now. Wouldn’t it be satisfying to know that we made the most of our irreplaceable time? I challenge you, and you can challenge me, to practice being happy where we are. Right now.



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